Inbertec Launched the new ENC Headset UB805 and UB815 series


99% noise can be deducted by the new launched dual microphone array headset 805 and 815 series

The ENC feature provides competitive advantage in a noisy environment

Xiamen, China ( July 28th, 2021) Inbertec, a global professional headset provider for call center and business use, today announced that it has launched the new ENC headsets 805 and 815 series.

ENC, which means environmental noise canceling, is a very useful and important feature during a business call or online conference/meetings. It allows the user to ignore the places they are at - home, office, coffee shop, restaurant, or a busy street to have a professional level of conversation without worrying about the back ground environment disturbing the callee.

The Inbertec 805 and 815 series adopted the technology of AI algorithm to calculate the noises from human voice and back ground voice, together with the technology of SVC ( Smart Voice Capture) to deliver a 99% back ground noise cancellation.

“The ENC technology offers great help to the users who have requirement of high level of noise canceling, ” said Song Wu, the product manager of Inbertec, “ There are some products have this feature in the market with very expensive price, we wanted to lower down the using cost of this feature, so we applied this feature to our medium level products with affordable price”.

It’s great news for those who have limited budget but still want to use the advanced features like ENC. The Inbertec 805 and 815 make it possible for those people to leverage the low cost with advanced technology to increase the productivity.

The new launched 805 and 815 series headset has two levels, one is upgraded from the 800 series, the other is a newly designed one with silicon headband cushion and protein leather ear cushion, which offers great comfortability, too

The products are GA and free samples program are available too. Contact for applying the free demo or more information.

Post time: Mar-12-2022