Business Cases

Case Study 1

sdv is China’s largest online retailer and its biggest overall retailer, as well as the country’s biggest Internet company by revenue.We have been providing call center headsets to for over 4 years with up to 30K headsets for their seats. Ubeida provides excellent products, support and services to and satisfying them, especially during the big promotional days 6.18 ( Chinese Black Friday).

Case Study 2


Founded in 2012, ByteDance’s has more than a dozen products, including TikTok, Helo, and Resso, as well as platforms specific to the China market, including Toutiao, Douyin, and Xigua.

Due to the high reliability, extraordinary sound quality and great value products we have, we were selected as the major vendor. We’ve provided more than 25K headsets to ByteDance to support their daily communications for call centers and offices.

We are very pround that we are the most selected vendor for the world-leading companies contact center solution headsets requirements!

Case Study 3


In 2016, Alibaba signed the strategic partnership with us for the supplement of the headsets for the entire Alibaba Group. We are the ONLY China brand headset vendor got this honor so far. The headsets are widely used by the sub-companies, out-sourcing companies of Ailbaba.