E-Commerce Enterprises Contact Center Solution

With more and more e-commerce festivals 6-18 (June 6th )/ 8-18 (August 18th ) / 11-11 (Nov-11th ) , online shopping has become a common thing in people’s life. The call center is an important contact center between enterprises and customers. How can e-commerce enterprises build their own call center to better serve customers?

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Pre-sales consulting

ACD queue: The system automatically allocates incoming calls to idle customer service personnel, which improves customer service efficiency and enhances corporate image.

Customer popup: Customers can pop up the screen in real time to display information, or customize templates to input important information.

Sale of service

Order inquiry: provide a variety of service methods, intelligent voice inquiry order logistics status, telephone product authenticity verification and so on to comprehensively improve business services and business authority, cultivate loyal customers.

After-sales service

After-sales service: we provide a full range of after-sales skills and services, multi-dimensional service report presentation, the original DDRP system perfectly meet their own after-sales business needs, no need to develop again, to solve customer problems, improve after-sales service level.

Telephone return visit: customized customer return visit plan, so that you do not forget every customer, transmission of the company’s care, enhance customer maintenance bond.

Report data

Recording inspection: The call center system provides large storage capacity and records each call repeatedly

Call recording, check the service level of the agent, improve the service guarantee of the company’s customer.

Agent statistics: Compares the inbound, connected, missed, and waiting duration of skill groups in a horizontal manner and in a vertical manner.

In the e-commerce industry, we have also cooperated with many e-commerce giants, such as Alibaba.com, JD.COM, Dangdang.com, Ctrip and many well-known enterprises. From these e-commerce company, we have summarized some common functions of the call center, hoping to be helpful to the enterprises that are doing and preparing to do e-commerce.

As the business began to grow rapidly, the consulting platform and related call centers are no longer as simple as the telephone. But combined with the phone headset, if combined with the Internet, the computer is indispensable, related service (call center) software combined, such as UC software, small call center system.

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Post time: Jun-30-2022