Inbertec Noise Cancellation Headset Helps School Students in Online Teaching

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Children's Day is coming, it is a day when children hope to be surprised and receive gifts to celebrate their own festival. Children grow up, receiving good education, is the only way for every child .

In 2020, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 made all students embark on the journey of the new semester in a special way. Many students have started the mode of "staying at home" and taking online class, which promotes the rapid growth of online education users.

Headphones have also become children's "companions" and "gifts" to aid learning.

The spread of the epidemic is a great test for education in many countries, but today in Internet Age, online education and online classes have undoubtedly become the main way for students to continue their education.For example, most universities in Europe use a combination of recording and live broadcasting courses and teaching courseware.However, online education cannot completely replace offline education.   

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Many teachers and students reflect that students have classes at home, lack of learning atmosphere, easy to appear inattention, reaction speed decline and other problems.Why does this set of problems arise? I think it has a lot to do with the choice of headphones.         

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In our daily study and life, most parents are not very familiar with the performance and advantages of learning Headphones, and always take the earphones provided by mobile phones or other electronic devices as the default earphones, thinking that they can "listen and speak", without the awareness of buying professional earphones

However, in actual use, ordinary small earphones are always in trouble when learning and communicating in online classes. In the course learning and practice interaction, children are always the most embarrassed one. In the discussion and communication after listening to the explanation, the other party always has to accept your voice delay, is always forced to "live broadcast" all the environmental noise of their environment at that time, voice speech is always accompanied by a series of problems such as noise and intermittent, resulting in low communication efficiency. The wrong choice of earphones makes children's learning achievements repeatedly "atrophy", resulting in children's inattention, loss of interest in learning, and rejection. At this time, a professional noise-canceling earphone is particularly important.

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UB805DM headsets professional acoustic solution, suitable for online education communication, broadband high fidelity sound quality, professional acoustic solution support, clear and effective voice transmission, no noise, no delay; Built-in hearing protection chip with EU certification standard, which can effectively suppress peak sound output, protect hearing health and prevent hearing damage; dual microphones eliminate 99% of background noise ,at family gatherings? sound of television? Sirens in the streets? The other person will still hear exactly what you want to say, nothing else, and the background noise will no longer reach them.

Inbertec a professional acoustic product solution supplier,The product itself can be adjusted to ensure that you wear comfortable .The size of the headband, the Angle of the ear plate and the position of the microphone can be set and adjusted to ensure comfortable wearing for a long time. Efficient communication.

Shooldays - an important cornerstone of everyone's growth.A happy childhood is inseparable from the search for knowledge. Use UB805DM headset to effectively acquire knowledge and grow healthily.

Post time: May-26-2022